Ecotach™ Recycled Plastic Fasteners

Ecotach fasteners help meet the sustainability needs of environmentally conscious retailers, brand owners and consumers.

Avery Dennison recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) and the recycled nylon (rPA) fasteners are both 3rd party tested to a Recycled Content Standard. 

Recycled (rPET) Fasteners

These fasteners are made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) and carry a “Recycled” logo molded into the paddle. Recycled (rPET) Fasteners contain at least 90 percent post consumer waste (PCW) plastic from recycled bottles (rPET).The environmental benefits created by using these fasteners are substantial:

  • Every roll of 834 fasteners reduces the landfill load by more than 8 plastic bottles*

  • Every carton, by more than 52 plastic bottles*

  • Every case, by 528 plastic bottles*

* The average weight of a single-serve 16.9oz PET water bottle is 9.9 grams

Brands or retailers can create a positive image of environmental stewardship for just fractions of a cent per garment. They’re available in 13 standard colors and can be Pantone®-matched upon request. Application is simple and quick with our Fine Fabric System 500 or System 1000 tools. 

Recycled (rPA) Fasteners

These fasteners are made of recycled polyamide (rPA). The environmental benefit created by using at least 74% “post consumer” waste from recycled carpets is substantial:

  • Every master carton of fasteners eliminates 60 sq ft (5.5 sq meters) of carpet which is equivalent to half the sq ft of an average size bedroom in the US*

* The average size of a bedroom in the US is 132sq ft in a home under 2500sq ft.

These are arranged in clips and can be applied using a variety of our attaching tools.