Extra Heavy Duty Fastening Systems

Extra Heavy-Duty Hand Tool

Our Extra Heavy-Duty Hand Tool simplifies in-process shoe lasting. It features high tensile strength fasteners to hold shoe eyelets securely, and includes a blunt needle (10776). It can also be used with a pointed tip needle (10777).

Pointed Tip Needle

Our Pointed Tip Needle is for use with Super Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty fasteners and needles. It features a strong, long needle that’s ideal for piercing rubber or leather.

Swiftach® Mattress Fastening System

Our Swiftach Mattress Fastening System is quick, dry and odorless. It eliminates curing time, along with sprays, glues and adhesives. The System reliably secures flanges and fastens foam encasements.

Industrial Long Needle Mattress Tool

Our easy-to-use Industrial Long Needle Mattress Tool fastens pocket sprints to foam encasements and secures flanges. It’s designed for use with all Super Heavy-Duty and Extra Heavy-Duty fasteners. This handheld pneumatic unit offers the longest available needle, and features a stop system to adjust the depth at which the fastener is ejected.