Micro Fastening Systems

Replace thread, metal staples and pins with our smallest & most versatile Swiftach® fastening systems

MicroTach Assembly

MicroTach tools and fasteners are used to attach soft goods to card stock or to baste fabric material during in-process manufacturing. Micro fasteners are ideal for the delicate packaging of shirts and dress socks, or tagging lingerie, swimwear, highly elastic or tight weaves, and soft goods. These unique T-EndTM fasteners secure items tightly and quickly. The tool uses a needle with an outside diameter of only 0.047 inches.


Avery Dennison MicroStitch

The MicroStitch is an attaching tool that requires no pins, no glue and no large tacks. This the crafter's choice for basting quilts, repairing fallen hems, hemming drapes, tailoring garments, tacking appliques, assembling frame keepsakes or just decorating crafts. This hand held attaching gun is easy to use and applies a micro plastic fastener that can be sewn over. This fastening tool is also ideal for quick clothing repairs. This tool features a small, extra fine needle, a durable metal feeding mechanism and a trigger that is easy to squeeze. The MicroStitch can be used on fine fabrics and the tiny fastener can be easily removed with a quick pull or snap.