Specialty Fasteners

Attach more than the price … add perceived value.

StringTach™ Fasteners

Avery Dennison StringTach fasteners can give brands an edge. These premium fasteners combine the aesthetic appeal of a string loop with the speed and security of conventional loop fasteners.

Garments tagged with premium string fasteners are perceived to be of much higher value than of those tagged with conventional plastic loop fasteners. They can also  provide visual differentiation between standard and premium brands.

The StringTach special arrow tip makes threading through zippers and eyelets easy. It’s ideal for tagging jewelry, dress shirts, handbags, leather goods, and other premium items.

Secur-a-tach® Fasteners

Secur-a-tach fasteners are fast, economical and secure: The operator simply inserts the tail of the fastener into the head for a secure lock. No tools or needles are required. They’re ideal for tagging hard goods. Our proprietary stretching technology produces stronger, more flexible fasteners, with an average tensile strength of 8 pounds. They’re available in Standard and Super styles.