Standard Fastening Systems

Avery Dennison offers several standard fastener systems. The fasteners in this category are for use in both general purpose and heavy-duty applications, come in a wide range of lengths and eight standard colors (with custom colors available).

Our systems deliver a range of benefits to brand owners and retailers:

  • Prevention of price ticket switching — Swiftach® fasteners have a larger paddle than many competitive fasteners, providing extra security in-store.

  • Prevention of snagging — Both standard and fine fabric needles are specially designed with a rounded tip and smooth profile to prevent snagging.

  • Fast and efficient application — Innovative design, high quality manufacturing and proven tool reliability ensure fast and efficient application at source for greater productivity.

Swiftach® System 1000®

System 1000® Hand Tool

This tool features a 1,000-fastener capacity (20 times greater than standard tools), plus a unique mechanism to help prevent jams and improve productivity. Its proprietary “connected paddle” fasteners advance smoothly and produce less waste, making it ideal for applications ranging from apparel and produce tagging to industrial packaging.

System 1000® Industrial Pneumatic Tool

This is our lightest, most advanced tagging tool, made of durable, lightweight aluminum and featuring a 1,000-fastener capacity to help improve productivity. It’s pneumatically driven for reliable application, easy actuation, and minimal operator fatigue.

The tool’s safety features include air pressure regulating valves, smooth application, and push button fastener advance. It’s ideal for value add packaging, including brand identification and informative messaging; also excellent for pineapple tagging and other horticultural operations.

Swiftach® Mark V® Fastening System

Apparel Tagging Just Got Safer

The Swiftach Mark V Fastening System helps minimize operator risk when attaching brand messaging, price, size and barcode tags in retail stores, distribution centers and apparel production facilities.

It’s the first apparel tagging solution with unexposed and retractable needle design, helping reduce operator exposure to blood-borne diseases.

The needle safety features of the Mark V promote proper placement of operator fingers away from the needle puncture zone.

Additional Standard Tools and Fasteners

Mark IIITM Pistol-Grip Tool

Utilizes 50 and 100 fastener clips

Scissor Grip Tool

Tag hanging and flat goods; Utilizes 50 fastener clips

Soft Grip Tool

Cushioned non-slip grip; Utilizes 50 & 100 fastener clips

Standard Fasteners

Paddle or T-End Fasteners Available