Stud Mount Ties

Avery Dennison Weld Stud Ties are for bundling wires, hoses, and tubing, and for attaching a bundle to a threaded stud. They fit over threaded bolts that protrude from a surface, with minimal insertion force but high removal force. They’re available in a variety of resins to meet T3 and T4 temperature profiles.

We offer both self-affixing and low-profile mount ties. Self-affixing require no additional fastening, and have a high retention-to-insertion ratio for ergonomic compatibility. Sizes range from M5/T5 to M12. Low-profile options are ideal for applications where space is limited. Profiles sizes range from M5 to M10. Low-profile ties can be used as temporary holes for other fir tree fasteners.


Bolt Mount Cable Tie


  • Stability on bolt
  • Can be used in combination with low profile mount ties
  • Can be inserted onto bolt sizes from 3.0mm to 9.0mm
  • Available in variety of resins designed to meet T3 and T4 temperature profiles
  • Low profile, compact options