Specialty Ties

Variety of uses, sizes and configurations to choose from

Avery Dennison offers a variety of ties for specialty applications. Many of our parts are designed and manufactured using our advanced stretching technology, resulting in strong, flexible, lightweight and economical products unmatched by many of our competitors.

7.5-inch or 11-inch Double Headed Ties

Double Headed Cable Ties can harness two bundles simultaneously, and/or provide a way to position and anchor a single harness.

11-inch Merchandise Pairing and Stopper Ties

Merchandise Pairing Ties and Stopper Ties are for products with a fixed bundle diameter. They feature a unique stopping mechanism to ensure a consistent bundle diameter, and prevent the bundle from being cinched too tightly.

7.5-inch or 11-inch Releasable Ties

Easy-to-use, Releasable Ties are for prototype installations or equipment requiring frequent modifications or service. They can be reused many times.

Convoluted Tubing Ties

Convoluted Tubing Ties are heavy duty cable ties with anti-slip features. They ensure a secure closure for wire harness protective covers.

Double Strap Ties

Double Strap Ties are designed to guide parallel wires or hoses into a T-shape.