Hoisery and Socks

Avery Dennison offers multiple solutions for hosiery packaging. These include a wide range of fasteners, plus solutions to accommodate and improve your manufacturing process.

Our process solutions are both consumer and business friendly. They’re designed to help brand owners overcome the challenges of polybag and thread fastener based packaging.

Here are two examples.

The IndES® Elastic Staple® System can eliminate excess packaging and reduce solid waste production compared to conventional packaging methods. Use of our elastic staple and a header card, instead of a poly bag, can help drastically reduce plastic waste.

The IndES Single Needle Hosiery System (SNS) is a new and innovative packaging solution. It’s designed to help elevate brands by using secure, yet flexible, packaging materials. A definite “step up” from clip fasteners applied by hand tools, SNS is much faster to help increase production time. It’s also designed to help decrease the potential of operators developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


Additional Products

IndES® Automated Hosiery System

This is an Elastic Staple® packaging solution that secures socks together through an automated process. It offers a large range of elastic staple sizes to suit many hosiery applications.

System 1000® Bench Mount Hosiery System

The Avery Dennison® IndES® Single Needle Hosiery System (SNS) applies elastic staples that can secure a variety of hosiery products.

ST9500® Plastic Staple® System

The ST9500® Plastic Staple® System is an ideal solution for pairing socks and keeping them secure. In a retail setting, a customer will be able to touch and feel the product.

Elastic Staple® Single Needle System (SNS)

The Avery Dennison® IndES® Single Needle Hosiery System (SNS) is a new and innovative packaging solution that elevates brands by using secure yet flexible packaging solutions.