Denim / Bottoms

Avery Dennison offers fastening and tagging solutions that are ideal for use with denim and other fabrics used to make trousers and pants.

Our Plastic Staple® ST95000® System enables high-volume tagging and ticketing, for a variety of applications, ranging from manufacturing to retail. These include:

  • Tagging jeans or trousers

  • Attaching pocket flashers, waistband tickets and joker tags

  • Creating in-process wash effects such as “whiskering”

This system helps maximize productivity, and reduces the risk of holes and snags when attaching tags to fabrics and other materials.

Increased Speed, Efficiency and Flexibility

Easily adapted to a wide range of applications and fabrics, ST9500 is designed for low maintenance, while providing fast, consistent ticketing with greater uptime.

Tickets Stay Neat and Secure

Tickets stay in place until removed by the consumer. This helps decrease the volume of garments returned due to damage caused by ticket removal.