Avery Dennison provides a wide range of fastening products for the Outerwear Industry. All products offer strength and durability, ensuring tickets and tags stay in place for branding and garment performance information.

Our solutions include:

System 1000® —  Available in a variety of sizes and materials to ensure the right solution every time. Our 3-inch nylon fasteners offer durability and strength to secure any tag to any article of clothing.

The ST9500® Plastic Staple® System — Ideal for high volume tagging. Its ability to penetrate thicker fabrics allows for tagging apparel such as jackets and coats.

The V-Tool Fastening System — This highly reliable, lightweight and ergonomically designed tool reduces operator fatigue and allows for efficient application of loop fasteners to outwear.

Graphic Fasteners — These offer an additional method for building brand recognition and differentiation. Branding is paramount in outerwear apparel and gear.