Intermediate Cable Ties

Intermediate Cable Ties
Environmentally Friendly Ladder Tie
Intermediate Ties

Intermediate Cable Ties are for heavier applications. They feature an overall strap length of 5.5 inches (139.7 millimeters) or 8 inches (203.2 millimeters), and a minimum tensile loop strength of 40 pounds (18.14 kilograms).

These ties are available as weather resistant for outdoor applications, with greater resistance to ultraviolet light. We also offer a heat-stabilized option for high-temperature applications.

These ties are available in a range of colors.

15-inch Slim Line Ties

Slim Line ties are for use where space is limited. They feature a smaller head and a narrower cross section.

Ladder Ties

Ladder Ties offer durability in a lightweight, economical, and more environmentally friendly nylon tie. Available in 7-inch or 11-inch lengths, Ladder Ties use 60 percent less material than solid ties, and are made with up to 40 percent reground plastic.