Consumer Packaging - Toys

Avery Dennison offers a variety of fastening solutions for toy packaging. These include solutions for large toys, and fasteners for attaching accessories to the final packaging. We also offer a variety of manual, semi-automatic and fully automated tools and systems to enhance the packaging process.

The IndES® Elastic Staple® System

The IndES Elastic Staple System secures products ranging from 15 millimeters to 200 millimeters to flat card surfaces or multi-level card packaging designs. It’s engineered to offer flexibility, cost effectiveness and greater efficiency; while helping brand owners elevate customer satisfaction and reduce waste on products such as fashion dolls, toy cars, vehicles and playsets.

With Elastic Staple, customers can feel and interact with a product even while it’s securely packaged. Once purchased, the removal of the product from the packaging is faster, safer and easier. This reduces consumer frustration and improves the overall experience. The pull-out force can be customized by choosing either standard or heavy duty staples, along with reinforcements.

The Elastic Staple system also uses less water and energy, and produces less solid waste, compared to  conventional packaging systems such as plastic cable ties and paper twist ties.