Consumer Packaging - Hardware

Avery Dennison offers a range of fastening solutions for tools and hardware items.

Our IndES® Elastic Staple® System allows easy changeover from one product to another regardless of shape, size and weight of the items. This addresses a critical challenge in the hardware segment — the lack of flexibility and versatility in blister pack, skin pack and clamshell packaging machinery hardware, which drives added cost when preparing large numbers of SKUs for retail.

The Elastic Staple System can quickly and easily secure hardware items or tools to flat card surfaces or multi-level card packaging designs. With fastener lengths ranging from 15 millimeters to 200 millimeters, and tensile grades ranging from standard to heavy duty, these pliable staples will safely secure a wide variety of product shapes, sizes and weights. These staples can also be used with a reinforced backing solution for even more stability and durability.

According to independent research conducted in March 2018, both professional contractors and DIYers prefer this form of packaging. It uses much less plastic than other methods (and thus is more sustainable) and enables easy removal without the use of a sharp object or tool.