IndES® Elastic Staple® System

Flexible Stapling System Maximizes Packaging Options for Quick ROI

IndES Elastic Staple System securing a toy robot to packaging

The Avery Dennison IndES  Elastic Staple System is a flexible system secures items to flat card surfaces or multi-level card packaging designs. It can be used as a stand-alone unit; or integrated into automated, high volume packaging lines to help maximize packaging options for a quick ROI.

Replacing conventional manual packaging methods with IndES can help cut time and steps in packaging production. This, in turn, can help increase uptime, reduce operator workload, and reduce material costs.


It can also create a better view of the product and increase overall shelf appeal. Products are faster, easier and safer to remove from their packaging, further improving customer perception.

Finally, the use of Elastic Staples can eliminate excess packaging and reduce the amount of materials for transport. Compared to conventional packaging methods the IndES Elastic Staple System reduces water and energy use, solid waste production and C02 emissions. It could be instrumental in helping you to achieve your sustainability goals.