Fine Fabric™ System 500™ Hand Tool

The Fine Fabric™ System 500™ tool features an ergonomic grip with smooth hand activation. This hand held tagging gun can easily apply a roll of 500 Fine Fabric™ System 500™ fasteners during the tagging operation. Tagging productivity is increased because the attacher is designed to hold a 500 fastener roll rather than common tagging tools that only have 50 or 100 fasteners per clip. Efficiency is improved because the operator doesn’t have to re-load the tool as often. The tool is also equipped with a proprietary needle to reduce the risk of damage to the fabric when tagging. Both the fasteners and the needles have been designed for use with fine fabrics or thin materials. 

Class Fine Fabric
Actuation Type Manual
Loading Type Reel

Compatible Fasteners Include:

Fine Fabric System 500 Fasteners

Compatible Needles Include: