Do Your Customers Suffer Wrap Rage?

It brings sadness to children’s birthday parties. It dampens the excitement of buying new electronic gadgets. It even sends a surprising number of people to the hospital.

It’s wrap rage: The frustration consumers feel when unable to open product packaging. It’s especially prevalent with hard plastic clamshells.

Wrap rage is often more than mere inconvenience. According to a 2006 report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 6,000 people annually visit hospital emergency rooms for treatment of lacerations sustained using a knife or tool to open a package.


Packaging should be pain-free

Amazon has been a leader in industry efforts to alleviate wrap rage. The company claims its “Frustration Free” packaging, introduced a decade ago, has an average unwrapping time of 42 seconds, compared to 11 minutes for traditional packaging.

The good news: You don’t have to be Amazon to offer your customers a better, safer, rage-free experience. Avery Dennison Fastener Solutions offers a wide range of packaging solutions to help them get to their product quickly and painlessly.

Offer your customers a better experience

Take, for instance, our IndES® Elastic Staple®. They’re lightweight; come in a wide range of sizes, strengths, and colors; and are easy to apply. As with clamshells, they allow consumers to experience your products “hands-on” at the point of sale, while having ample strength to support retailers’ anti-theft efforts. And, post-purchase, products are much easier and safer for consumers to remove from the packaging.

In fact, a 2016 survey by Mytake found that consumers’ perception increased by 70 percent when using IndES staples compared to traditional packaging.

Can we help you cure your customers’ wrap rage?

IndES is just one of the ways consumer brands are looking to Avery Dennison to cure their customers’ wrap rage. Take a tour of our site to learn more about our solutions. Or contact your local Avery Dennison representative.

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