Fine Fabric™ System 500™ Module

Our Fine Fabric™ System 500™ fasteners can be applied using this pneumatic module. The Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Power Unit (SPU8M) can make your information attaching, brand identification and packaging operation faster and easier. Avery Dennison SPUs can increase productivity, especially when its faster to bring the items or garments to the tool. All Swiftach Power Units are pneumatic, powered by compresssed air. You can custom build your own tagging system by selecting a needle, a fine fabric fastener type and the actuation desired. This module can be bench mounted or installed into a hand held actuator. Unlike tagging tools that use fastener clips, this module will run reels of 500 paddle fasteners without having to stop and reload. The SPU8M is ideal for delicate and soft fabric tag attachment can be used with either fine fabric paddle fasteners or fine fabric graphic fasteners.  

Three different needle lengths for processing different material thicknesses are available for this module making this tool both versatile and efficient. 

Class System 500
Actuation Type Pneumatic
Loading Type

Compatible Fasteners Include:

Fine Fabric System 500 Fasteners


Compatible Needles Include: