Graphic Fastening Systems

Elevating brands. Accelerating performance.

The Avery Dennison Graphic Fastening System is both a branding and attaching solution to elevate brands and accelerate performance. This innovative fastening solution increases the level of recognition and contact between your brand and the consumer. It customizes your attachment process with value added information and authentication such as logos, sizing and special messages. This system allows you to customize standard or fine fabric fasteners. Available in multiple designs and thicknesses, the fastener paddle can be digitally printed with virtually any information you wish and positions your brand at the forefront of consumer visibility. Avery Dennison Graphic Fasteners are designed to increase shelf appeal and brand awareness. Applications include:

  • Brands, logos and product information

  • Retail store names and logos

  • Promotional or sales messages

  • Country of origin information

  • Size information

  • Garment performance attributes

  • Fit and style information

Accelerate Performance

This unique and proprietary solution, available only from Avery Dennison, enables a managed supply chain to provide the benefits of authentication and technical performance. Applications include:

  • Variable data or bar codes
  • Sequential numbering
  • Fraudulent return prevention with item-level fastening
  • Authentication (overt)
  • Brand protection

Our Graphic Fastening System offerings also include application tools. Graphic Fasteners can be applied using the Avery Dennison System 1000® or Fine Fabric™ System 500™ hand tools.


Graphic Fastening Tools

System 1000® Tool
Fine Fabric™ System 500™ Tool
Industrial S1000 II Pneumatic Module Tool