IndES® Reinforced Backing Solution™

IndES Reinforced Backing Solution

The Reinforced Backing Solution module provides enhanced security and improved tensile strength to packaging when used with the IndES Elastic Staple System.

Intended for use with the IndES Elastic Staple System, the Reinforced Backing Solution is ideal for securing heavy weight or bulky products to packaging. The module simultaneously delivers two plastic backing substrates between the card stock and the fastener’s T-Ends when the IndES needles are engaged. It can be used with IndES staple sizes ranging from 15 millimeters to 200 millimeters. The module can be placed in your factory, or integrated into a lightweight aluminum table.

Faster Packaging for Increased Productivity

An operator can feed, cut and apply IndES elastic staples and the backing substrates in a single actuation, making this an attractive option for those looking to improve processes and productivity.

Replacing conventional packaging methods can enable a factory or OEM to increase uptime, reduce operator workload and lower material costs.

Improved Packaging

The Reinforced Backing Solution provides a 20 to 30 percent increase in the force required to pull out an elastic staple fastener. Its strength is similar to that of a cable tie. It can secure a product as effectively as a clamshell or blister pack.

The Reinforced Backing Solution is suitable for a variety of products including toys, DIY tools, kitchen utensils and sporting goods.

Elevate the Consumer’s Experience

Less packaging means a better view of the product. This can help increase shelf appeal and provide a positive consumer experience both before and after the sale. The product is also easier and safer to remove from its packaging, reducing what’s known as “wrap rage” and further improving customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Packaging

Using small and lightweight IndES elastic staples with these backing substrates can eliminate excess packaging and reduce the amount of materials being transported.